Sabado, Abril 21, 2012

April 2012 doodles

Been busy with work, hardly have any time for a re-sprite.
With what ever free time I could get I use it for my portfolio work.
Im kind of secretive about my portfolio work and i wont share them just yet.
But here are some images I made for practice, to loosen up my grip and test things out.

Here is a doodle of a skull, the went a lil bit too far.

I explored the anatomy and pattern of an old panda character design I did  back then.
This was a doodle that went way over board.
I never meant it to be this "finished" or rendered 
Tried out a smooth coloring for the fairy.
I also have been looking through some euro comics for the design
and Finally here is a small Oni, i did to loosen up early in the morning.

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