Martes, Mayo 15, 2012

An Oni, a Skunk and a Raccoon-Ferret

Man the month of may has been such a tiring month.
I'm up to my neck with schedules seminars and work load.
Good thing I have short break intervals, to do practice.

Anyways i designed an online Persona for my self (top).

When I was making this i was referring to a friend's simplified work. 
I experimented with a simplified coloring, and design. 
However I didn't the effect i wanted to do, as this is still too detailed.
Even if it is to detailed, and took longer than it should i think this is a good start.
The steps (middle) The finished image (bottom)

I hope i get the time to do more portfolio work as well as personal work.
As well as a weekend to sleep properly

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